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Building Java projects from the CLI – Part 3

In the final part of this tutorial we will add a third party jar to the classpath and use it in our main method. STEP 1: Create a lib directory at the root of our previous project. This is where third party libraries conventionally go in java projects so we will place our JAR here.

Building Java projects from the CLI – Part 2

In this posts we will use the java cli with multiple packages. This takes a few more steps than the previous posts but its not hard to do either. We will use the same project as in the previous posts. Our project directory will now look like below to include our new utility package and

Building Java projects from the CLI – Part 1

Since I began programming in java one of my biggest frustrations has been my lack of understanding of what my IDE and build tools are doing under the hood. In this tutorial we will unpack a bit of the magic that goes on when it comes to organizing and compiling our java source code and


JDK vs JRE vs JAVA. I remember when I first started learning Java these terms gave me quite the head ache. We can view all three of these components through the analogy of baking a cake. Source Code: These are the cake ingredients. The eggs, flour, sugar, butter, etc… These are the items we want