Where is gradle installed on my mac

Finding out where certain tools and programs were installed on my mac caused me quite a bit of frustration in my early days of programming. We can usually trust tools like homebrew and others to do things the right way but its always good to know at least where they are putting the software they download. In this tutorial we will install gradle using homebrew and take a look at where homebrew installs gradle and how gradle actually gets into your path.

What you’ll need:

JDK 6 or later. (check out my other posts if your not sure what this means)
Ruby (already comes installed with your mac)

Install homebrew:

Head over to the homebrew homepage and follow the easy directions.

Install gradle:


to install gradle

Now navigate to
and run

The result will be

This shows us that this gradle file is actually just a symlink to the
real gradle program that was installed in homebrews /usr/local/Cellar directory.

Homebrew does this so that it can keep all the software it downloads for you under
its own directory but at the same time it wants to put those programs on your path so you
easily execute them from the terminal. Pretty neat stuff!

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